Mentor Program

Mentorship Program

Mentors are students who have shown themselves to be leaders in the NEYT community and have demonstrated an understanding of the NEYT philosophy.

If you wish to become a mentor you should first speak with Sandy Klein, mentor advisor.  Keep in mind that to apply for mentorship you must be at least 13 years old and have participated in 2 NEYT stage productions and 2 classes.  After applying, you must accrue 20 hours of volunteer work before submitting a written proposal.  The proposal should explain what NEYT has done for you, why you wish to become a mentor, and what you believe you can bring of value to younger students and to the theater in general.  The request will then be reviewed by Sandy.  Acceptance into the mentor group will be based on the example you have set in classes and in previous productions.  

Mentors meet monthly to talk and learn about the goals and concerns of the theater and about how they are putting their mentorship into practice.



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