About Productions

Our Mainstage Productions present both learning opportunities for participants, as well as a community experience. Whether you are a member of the cast, the design team, the technical crew, the front of house, or the audience - it is when we come together to share these events that some of our deepest enjoyment and sense of accomplishment happens.

Senior Company shows and the All-Company Musical are cast by audition. Auditions are held several months before rehearsals begin.

Junior Company shows are by registration and require no audition. Registration is on a first come first served basis limited only by the maximum number of parts available. Once registration is filled, interested students will be placed on a waiting list and will be notified as soon as any slots open up. This includes the Spring Musical program for ages 11-15.

Our Design & Production program is open to students 12 and up. Please contact our Creative Director for more information.

Rehearsals are held 3-5 times a week over a period of 6-8 weeks leading up to the first performance. Rehearsals are typically after school on week days, often until 6:45pm. Some programs may require weekend rehearsals as well. These schedules are available at the time of auditions, or at the time of registration. Be sure you can fit the commitment into your busy world before accepting your role.

The schedule for Designers & Technicians is determined by the production team for each program. Workdays for each design department vary.

SENIOR COMPANY actors are expected to take responsibility for knowing when they are called for rehearsal. If you have questions, please contact the front office.

Cast and crew are required to be at every rehearsal for which they are scheduled. Further, every cast & crew member must be able to commit to every performance. Make sure you have no conflicts with performance dates BEFORE the production begins. Every hour together in rehearsal counts. When someone is missing, the entire ensemble is affected. Absences from rehearsals due to scheduling conflicts are approved at the discretion of the director and must be arranged before a role is accepted. If an absence is necessary in the case of illness or emergency, please contact the front office before rehearsal begins. Persistent absences can result in a performer being cut from a scene when they cannot be caught up on what is missed.

In case of missed rehearsals due to weather, additional rehearsals may be scheduled. If this need arises, you will be contacted by email with as much notice as possible.

It is important to be PROMPT. Arriving 15 minutes before the start time provides enough time to get settled and be ready to begin.

This is the period of time when we put all the elements together. It is an exciting and demanding time and requires everyone’s attendance and full participation. We hold extended hours (usually another half hour) for those last few rehearsals to allow a full “performance” run with all tech elements incorporated.

Our tuitioned programs include a code for a pair of free tickets to performances for use by the student’s family. These are used with our online ticketing system. You can select the performance and where you would like to sit. If it is difficult for someone to access the internet, our front office can make arrangements as well.

Volunteering is an important part of what happens here at NEYT and a great way to get to know all the people who spend time here. Every show needs two volunteers to help with concessions and two volunteers to help with ushering and other Front of House duties. Each Front of House volunteer gets a complimentary seat for that performance.

All proceeds from concessions go to our ‘Angels in the Wings’ scholarship fund, something that many NEYT families rely on. Our families contribute baked goods, fruit, and savory items to help with this important fundraising. A few weeks before performances, our Front of House coordinators send out information about signing up for these positions.

Our extended performance schedule provides an experience of the discipline and spontaneity strong theatre needs. Added performance opportunities are not only gratifying for participants, they are also part of the way that we learn and grow as artists. Mainstage programs usually run two weekends with evenings and matinees, and sometimes there is a mid-week school show, so you may be in as many as 6 -12 performances for any one show.

Opening night marks the beginning of a new phase of our learning experience. At NEYT, we give notes on each performance through the run of our projects. This supports continued growth as we learn in front of live audiences.

This is the time actors and technicians are required to arrive at the theater to allow enough preparation for the day’s performances. This is usually an hour and a half prior to curtain. Shows with more difficult prep may call earlier. Often the running crew or pit band have a later call time than the actors.

Our mainstage programs hold 2 performances on Saturdays (Matinee & Evening). This is an enjoyable bonding experience for the ensemble of crew and actors – as well as an important learning experience. On two-show days, students are encouraged to bring lunch and can stay at the theater in between performances. NEYT staff and parent volunteers are on-hand in the building to provide oversight during these interims. This is not required “together time” - families can choose to make their own plans.

We meet the Thursday between performance weekends to freshen our material after the several days break. This is an important part of keeping the ensemble fresh and moving forward in the show’s growth.

The Circle of Appreciation is when a director guides a gathering of cast & crew through an exercise where each student is held in the light of appreciation. The circle generally occurs in the final weekend of performances and can last from 1 to 2 hours. The circle brings a sense of lasting unity to the group who has built something special together and assists in the closure process of this very alive moment in our lives.

The circle of appreciation is a tradition carried throughout the state of Vermont through The Get Thee To the Funnery Shakespeare program, founded by Peter Gould. It is also a longstanding tradition that we carry on here at NEYT.

STRIKE is when we take down the set, put away costumes & props, and clean the areas we used for the performances. We all work in teams after the last performance – it is our last big effort as a group. The production crew sometimes comes on additional days to dismantle more complicated sets. Taking responsibility for our space is a big part of being a member of the NEYT community. Strike is a required event.