Join Our Circle!

NEYT celebrates its 20th year because of the generosity our extended community of supporters – we really could not do what we do without that public support. Every gift matters – every dollar has a direct impact on the experience of our participants.

Public Support 69%
Program Income 34%
Misc Income 1%

Programs 69%
Facilities 13%
Administration 15%
Fundraising 3%

Every donation generates these benefits:
• For Students—An environment in which to learn, become part of a community, express themselves, and discover a sense of self
• For Parents—A safe, supportive learning community that trains young people to engage as a community and a place to enjoy student-led performances
• For Schools—a partner in School-based training and performance activities.
• For the Community—A busy, productive, fun, creative space that welcomes students and audiences from Vermont, Massachusetts and New Hampshire
• For Donors— A mission-driven, tax deductible 501 (C) (3) nonprofit, committed to the highest standards of teaching, learning, and performance.

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