Laura Lawson Tucker

Laura’s journey as an educator began in 1970 when she created and ran a summer day camp for four year olds in the suburbs of Washington, DC. Their days were spent exploring the surrounding fields and forests and creating theatrical stories. The children discovered a bridge over a creek and it seemed to Laura that magically the group of children began to refer to it as the Queen’s Bridge. It was soon revealed that the Queen’s Bridge was the perfect vantage spot to admire a field filled with Queen Anne's Lace. It was at that moment that Laura fell in love with the creative process, with the unplanned moments that happen in learning environments that are stable and predictable and yet ripe with many delightful surprises. Fast-forward to 2004, and with her Masters Degree in education and twenty-one years as an early educator, Theatre Adventure was born from the inspiration of one child and a fellow educator. Laura continues to grow as an educator and artist in the environment of Theatre Adventure---a home for aspiring actors with developmental challenges. Laura values deeply the opportunity to help ignite fires of imagination and witness actualization of the students’ personal power and purpose--all while having great fun in the land of inclusive theater.

Katherine Partington