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Dear NEYT supporter, 

I have been in the unique position of witnessing the growth of so many NEYT alumni during my 17 years here.  Recently, I enjoyed tea and a long chat with my very first apprentice and mentor. We had a long talk about her journey since leaving NEYT and she shared her thoughts about the impact NEYT has had on her life -- and I was struck. Who'd have ever thought that the stitches she made at NEYT would someday translate to a surgeon's stitches? Or that the thinking on your feet and embracing saying “yes” in improv would help facilitate a career in law? 

I’m continually grateful for the privilege of being a part of young people finding their way through the world as we work here together - and then to see them move out into the larger world and build lives of their own. All of our alumni have stories of discovery they can share, and I urge you to follow in the sidebar or in the links below and read about 6 of these amazing people whose lives have been nurtured by NEYT -- a handful out of many who have gone on to achieve fulfilling lives as adults. When you give to NEYT you contribute directly to the journey of so many young people, whether they wind up on a stage or on a farm; in a boardroom or in a courtroom. 

If you have experienced a magical moment at NEYT, whether as a parent watching your child speak up after years of silence, or do a particularly funny clown bit on stage to an audience roaring with laughter, or if you are a kid walking through the doors after a long day of school and feeling that sense of place, or one of the hundreds of artists and volunteers that have worked with our students, or if you have enjoyed our work from near -- as an audience member, or far -- as a supporter of youth in the arts, please consider giving to NEYT this year.  Your donations directly support the programs that help make this magic happen, and we and our many students, alumni, and families thank you.

With love and gratitude,

Sandy Klein
Creative Director 

Brian White
Andrew Marchev
Ben Stockman
Sylvianne Sherman
Izabel Estrin
Allison Vigue

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