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Jane Baker

Jane Baker

At 15 I became involved with youth theater as a performer and student at the Upper Darby Summer Stage.  Four years later I began teaching improvisation for that same theater.  Youth theater opened the door to my future and provided me with  friends who remain among the  closest in my life.

  I fell in love with Improv at 15 and remain so today.  Improv is an art form in and of itself and performances of skilled improvisers provide an exciting theater experience for performers and audiences alike.  Improv also provides skills that will help actors perfect their acting as well as provide skills for everyday life.  The joy that Improv has given me has driven me to teach it to all willing students.  Like a commercial from the past selling I don't remember what, "Try it, you'll like it!"

Oh and for the record I have a bachelor of arts in theatre from Hofstra University and a Masters in Education.

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