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Our Mission

Young people have the confidence and skills they need to be active participants in creating healthy communities.

NEYT fosters the growth of young people through the practice of theatre arts in a welcoming, youth-centered community. 


We believe in the creative force of youth as artists, learners, and community members. At NEYT, we help young people thrive in a community where they are trusted collaborators. Experienced mentors empower young people to meet the challenges theatre work puts before us. We believe the difficulties and joys that emerge from this complex collaboration facilitate resilience and independence. NEYT is for youth and by youth.

    •    INCLUSIVE

At NEYT, everyone is welcome. We work to foster a culture of belonging and mutual respect through the practice of honesty, patience, and empathy. We welcome people of diverse backgrounds and abilities  - and value the perspectives of all our partners. We are dedicated to having a physical space that is accessible to all and strive to offer programs that meet a wide variety of interest and need. 

NEYT offers young people the opportunity to engage in an environment where we strive for artistic excellence. We balance the demands of both process and product. Our young people acquire tangible skills in the broad range of theatre arts. We recruit and retain practicing artists, educators, and staff to support students in creating brave, exemplary theatre experiences.

    •    PLAY
NEYT is a place where youth experience and express the joy of creativity with others. We intentionally use play as a creative catalyst. It is an integral part of making art and growing community.
Playfulness allows us to explore, discover, respond… and opens the door to creative force. 

 Create access to a diversity of dramatic material and programs in performance, design, and technical learning opportunities.
So that...students have a broader range of experience; sustain people who are interested in other areas of theatre arts; increase participation 

    •    Tell the story of the impact of NEYT’s diversity of programs to the widest audience possible.
So that...increase enrollment, attendance and donations; increase visibility of NEYT; recruit diverse student populations

    •    Assess and plan use of existing and potential space.
So that...the asset is used most efficiently; it does not limit program; creates new opportunities for new types of theatre

    •    Create an organizational environment and structure that maximizes the talents and expertise of staff and faculty, where they feel valued and are compensated appropriately.
So that...people get to work on what feeds them; people get fair wages; people have defined roles that help create boundaries

    •    Ensure NEYT’s financial sustainability by a variety of mechanisms, including but not limited to fundraising, ticket sales, program income, grant writing, etc.
So that...we can keep doing what we are doing; be more accessible to a diversity of students; art is a vital part of our community

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