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September 20-23

Puppets in the Green Mountains

presented by

Sandglass Theater

Sandglass Theater’s Puppets in the Green Mountains Festival has become Southern Vermont’s premier puppetry attraction, drawing a diverse audience from all corners of New England, Quebec, New York City and beyond.

This year’s festival, titled Opening the Doors, builds directly upon the themes introduced during the 2015 festival, Walking to the Borders, which focused on issues of immigration and humanization. The upcoming festival features an impressive array of companies hailing from Wales, Taiwan, Canada, and around the US, whose performances aim to foster a spirit of inclusivity and play to both children and adult audiences. From a stirring performance by a mixed ability cast that takes a timely look at disadvantaged in today’s society, to Sandglass Theater’s own breakout piece that delves into the complicated issues of the refugee crisis, this year’s festival highlights stories of inclusivity and equity. The festival offers an invitation to open our doors, to listen and engage with the world of experiences around us.

NEYT is one of three local venues hosting the festival performances.  For information and tickets, visit

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