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Scapin 2013

Scapin 2013

directed by Stephen Stearns

April 11-20

About the Play:
Scapin is a Commedia dell’arte style, comic farce written by Moliere, one of the greatest masters of comedy who ever lived. NEYT uses the rave review off-Broadway adaptation created by America’s most famous clowns, Bill Irwin and Mark O'Donnell, who starred in the original broadway production. 


It is literally laugh-a-second mayhem!

Two clever servants trick two rich and gullible fathers out of their millions and arrange for their sons to marry two mysterious women whom the fathers detest! NEYT graduating seniors Henry Weisel and Alec Silver will be featured as the two servants, Scapin and Sylvester, who get themselves into the wildest and most ridiculous scrapes.
Scapin is sprinkled with references to modern movies, and loaded with fabulous word- and sword-play, slap-stick, prat-falls, and riotous chase scenes. It is very family friendly, with sight gags to delight the young at heart and topical humor to satisfy the most sophisticated intellectual.

Thursday April 11 7pm
Friday April 12 7pm
Saturday April 13 2pm
Sunday April 14 2pm
Tuesday April 16 7pm
Wednesday April 17 2pm &  7pm
Thursday April 18 7pm
Friday April 19 Gala Dinner begins at 6pm
Saturday April 20 2pm

Tickets: $11 Students, $13 Seniors, $15 Adults

About our lead actors:
Alec came to NEYT almost eight years ago, and has been performing non-stop ever since, honing his theatrical talents in roles like Rooster (Annie), Aaron (Titus Andronicus), and Judas (Godspell).  Henry came to NEYT just a few years ago, and has fully flung himself into his theatrical passions in roles like FDR (Annie), Saturninus (Titus Andronicus), and Motel (Fiddler on the Roof).  Both have trained for quite some time with Jane Baker in NEYT's improv troupe ImpRovers, a group that brings NEYTers' improv comedy on tour!

We will have a rotating cast for all other roles. Additional cast members include:
Aja Selbach-Broad
Kaelan Selbach-Broad
Theo Sutton
Chris Diak
Peter Green
Sean Kelly
Elias Martel
Zoe Perra
Casey Greenleaf
Aurora Phillips
Maeve Campman
Louisa Strothman
Saskia Bailey-de Bruijn
Anja Alden
Jason Guerino
Kobi Jaro
Tucker Boyd
Ben Kaufman
Julia Waldron
Liam Johnson
Toby Weed

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