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Melodrama Festival Part 2

Melodrama Festival Part 2:

Performances: Friday 7/26 & Saturday 7/27
Tickets: $8 General Admission

Professor Mobius and The Architects of Doom
Written & Directed by Andrew Marchev & Shannon Ward
When time travelers Professor Mobius and Janet land in 31st century New Guilford there appears to be trouble lurking underneath the glitz of the ultra-modern megalopolis. Strange and nefarious events are occurring all over the city, and all signs seem to point to the Architects of Doom. Janet and the Professor team up with no non-sense Detective Lucy Aguilar to crack this mystery that serves up thrills for the whole family. With a caveman, a ninja, a mad scientist and rampaging musical cyborgs, this dystopian science fiction is a melodrama you won’t want to miss!!


Murder By Indecision
Written by Daniel O'Donnell
Directed by Aleda Bliss & Hayden Bunker
The world’s best-known murder-mystery playwright, Agatha Crispy, attempts to crank out one last manuscript. Characters come to life onstage as she types, crumpling with every balled-up page tossed in the trashcan.  When she pauses, her characters assume minds of their own and lament how she's ruining their literary reputation with this final flop— if only they could somehow influence Agatha to help both her and themselves!


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