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The Tempest



Get Thee to the Funnery:
The Tempest by William Shakespeare
Directed by Jonny Flood with Peter Gould, Andrew Marchev, and Claire Greene

Performances: Friday 7/12 at 4:30pm & Saturday 7/13 at 10:30am
Tickets: By Donation

Since 1998, Peter Gould’s Get Thee to the Funnery has been getting together for two weeks each summer in Northern Vermont to study Shakespeare and to work our hearts, minds, bodies, and voices.  Our goal is to exercise our hearts, minds, bodies and voices so much that our performances resonate in the minds (and hearts, bodies and voices) of EVERYONE (players, staffers, audience members, everyone!) for the other fifty weeks of the year!
Since our humble beginnings, we’ve added four new camps across the state. The Chelsea Funnery is in its eleventh year, and is only getting bigger.  A junior Funnery in Craftsbury, Get Thee to the Funnery, Too! is excited to start its third summer this year. And last year, the inaugural season of the Funnery at Highgate Apartments in Barre ended with a brilliant showing of scenes from Romeo and Juliet. 
We are incredibly excited and grateful to the New England Youth Theatre for the opportunity to extend BACK to Brattleboro as well—back to where Gould and Stearns started teaching Shakespeare together a long time ago! We are eager to present to you The Tempest, an epic and magical story of love and family.

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