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Cartoon Heroes

Cartoon Heroes

Melodrama Festival One

Trouble in Jugg-o-Milk
written by D Hamm, J Flood, S Klein, J Baker and A Ray
directed by Jane Baker and Henry Weisel
The town of Jugg-o-Milk is in a heap of trouble. There's a drought, businesses are failing and the town is overrun by Mean Bootstrap Marlowe's gang. The mayor, Eustice C Downawell has a plan to raise spirits and funds to get the town back on its’ feet with a cabaret at the local Empty Udder milk bar. Will Jugg-o-Milk survive its’ troubles? Or more importantly will Jugg-o-Milk survive the cabaret? Mosey on down to the Empty Udder and find out!



Cartoon Heroes
written and directed by Michael Trzos and Maia Gilmour

The year is 3013--planet earth no longer fosters human life. That's why president Mediocre and his constituents create a new community of humans--the Numans on planet Mars. But something is rotten on the red planet! Imagination and creativity does not exist! Will someone save the Numans from president Mediocre's mediocracy? Will zombie infestation spread across the galaxy? Join the Cartoon Heroe's this summer to find out! There will be dancing, pop music, and melodramatic screaming for every boy and girl. Because what we do here at NEYT is what you can do too!

Sponsored by Potter Stewart Jr. Law Firm

Performances: July 3-5
Friday, July 3, 6pm
No Show July 4
Sunday, July 5, 2pm and 6pm

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