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Last Will

The Last Last Last Will

Melodrama Festival Two
Flora of the Flowershop
written by Betty Tracy Huff
directed by Michael Trzos and Zoe Guttenplan

Small businesses are the fabric that makes up a thriving community. That's why Flora and her friends opened a flower shop to help serve every occasion--Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, Groundhog Day, Abraham Lincoln’s birthday, Bubble Dath Day and even National Spinach Day! (Ew gross). But there is just one problem. Flora’s Flower Shop is not thriving and the evil villain Carruthers B. Coldheart has forced his hand into the flowerpot to uproot the business once and for all. The only hope now is to help Flora solve the puzzle of how to grow a mysterious and ancient flower worth 100 million dollars and to find a hero clever enough to outsmart Coldheart. Or can she just do it herself? Find out this summer!

The Last, Last, Last Will
written by Jane Baker and Sandy Klein
directed by Jay Gelter and Maia Gilmour

Sponsored by Potter Stewart Jr. Law Firm

With the aid of her best friend Lady Bea Plottin, and the servants of the newly deceased Lord Nottoolong, Lady Marion Kind must thwart her father’s wishes that she be married in order to receive her rightful inheritance. The evil Uncle Lord Barron Fields stands to inherit everything and become guardian to Marion if she does not marry, and marry quickly!


Performances: July 24-25
Friday, July 24, 6pm
Saturday, July 25, 2pm and 6pm

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