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Melodrama I (17)

Melodrama Festival One
Junior (ages 9-11)  The Great Caper Caper 
Written by Nick Bombicino
Directed by Hayden Bunker and Raphi Shamas

When a trio of quick-thinking sisters gets tired of "You must pay the rent!" and "I can't pay the rent!"... they take matters into their own hands! But what happens when you live in a world where villainy is chic but morality is still the right thing to do? What happens when you walk a mile in another's shoes? What happens when you can't go home again? Tune in to find out!

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Senior (ages12-15) Pomp and Circumstance
Written by Caleb Roitz
Directed by Moriah Martel and Caleb Roitz

When an infamous diplomat is found dead at the estate of a renowned doctor, the mystery is on, the culprit must be found and shenanigans ensue! WIll our detective and his trusty assistant solve the case? Will the unfortunately named reporter rise above his bizarre moniker? And most importantly - is yoga the key to life?

Performs Friday, June 30 at 6pm
Saturday, July 1 at 2pm and 6pm
Admission $8 for admission to both Junior AND Senior shows
Sponsor: Howard Printing

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