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Written and Directed by Rosa Palmeri

To view or purchase photos from this show go to or follow this link directly to the show. Photos by Laura Bliss.

Back by popular demand: a repeat performance
 at NEYT, Wednesday May 30, 7pm

Aulularia means 'a pot of gold’,
The title of a Roman play of old.
In that play, there's just a little bit of cash,
In this version there's a much larger stash!

The title should convey this kind of wealth,
Especially when the Miser hides it with such stealth.
He will not spend a single cent in town
And this has caused the rest of us to drown!
Aulularia doesn’t fit this play,

But, Alululululularia: The Sound Of Doomsday.

Come see our travelling troupe of actors perform this original adaptation,  "Aululularia" written and directed by Rosa Palmeri, playing at local schools and beyond. Performances for the public will be held at NEYT on Tuesday, May 8 at 7pm, and at the Strolling of the Heifers, on Saturday, June 2 (time TBA)

Tickets for these performances are Adults $11, Senior $10, and Student $7

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