Welcome to Theatre Classes at NEYT®.

Peruse these photos and you’ll see there are lots of fun things going on in the acting classes offered at NEYT, from clowning and comedy, to improv, to scene work and character development. And although you may think “acting” when you think of NEYT, know that we offer much more than that—there are classes in directing, technical theatre (such as costuming, lighting and set design), and even classes in playwriting!

Taking a class at NEYT is a lot of fun—you get to play theatre games, do warm-up exercises, make faces, be funny, and use your imagination and creativity! And best of all, everyone is supportive of everything you try, and everything you do, so you don’t need to be shy about trying something new!

Theatre is a great way to build self-confidence, let your imagination soar, and make new friends. Click on the links at right to learn more about NEYT’s educational philosophy and curriculum and our current class offerings.

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