NEYT Pit Orchestra


Welcome to the signup sheet for the New England Youth Theatre's pit orchestra!

The pit is run and housed by the Brattleboro Music Center during our rehearsals, and we play for the senior company and large ensemble musicals on the NEYT's main stage.

The orchestra is open to musicians 14-19 in the equivalent of 8th-12th grades. We've had players that are outside of that range, so if you are interested, but don't fit in that group, let us know anyway!

Traditionally, we've had players from all around the areas of southern Vermont, southern New Hampshire, and western Massachusetts. We'd love for everyone who is interested and able to play in the pit in some capacity, and rehearsal playing is possible for newbies and those with less availability.

Even if you don't see your exact instrument on the orchestra roster below, we may still want you to play. For less common instruments we'll sometimes substitute parts, and for parts that require multiple instrument proficiency, we'll sometimes split them up.

Below, you'll also find the orchestra's rehearsal and performance schedule for the upcoming show, the dates marked "as needed", you should consider as regular, definite rehearsals, but they would be the first to be called off if we are well prepared in advance of tech week.

Follow this link for the actual signup sheet.

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