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Mentorship Program

Whether it’s putting together the Mentor Cabaret, taking leadership roles in Junior Company shows, organizing a community clean-up day, or simply bonding with one another for a potluck and movie night, the Mentors represent the lifeblood of NEYT. Started by Sandy Klein in 2003, the idea from the beginning was to empower a core group of young people to take on leadership roles in our community. If you are warmly welcomed by an older member of the cast at your first day ever at NEYT, it’s probably a mentor. If you notice some teenager wielding a dustpan and broom after a Junior Company snack break, it’s probably a mentor. And if you notice the spirit of NEYT to be especially inclusive, dynamic, supportive, and vibrant – you probably have the mentors to thank for that as well. At least, this is what Mentors are striving to become.